A Minecraft Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game with Free Build Survival, enriched with customized plugins, maps, combat, quests, mini-games to epic dynamic events and a professional development team working around the clock, bringing you exclusive content to a sandbox adventure. Creativity is your only limitation.

Explore the lively lands which are always expanding with new custom designed biomes!

Adventure into dungeons, offering exclusive items of which match the theme of each dungeon.
Explore with friends or a large group of players, fighting customized monsters, bosses, and exclusive loot.

You never know what may happen and when an event occurs.
A random boss may spawn, a parkour challenge might occur, or a chicken may hunt you down. 
Perhaps the undead may rise, or even an Easter egg hunt.

Experiment with a variety of classes, abilities, enchantments and dual in an array of arenas!

New classes with unique abilities are always in development.
We intend to have several to choose from!

Do a /dab emote when you slay the dungeon boss, /dance to mock your opponent or just /chill-out under a tree.
There's a ton of customized emotes for you to unlock.

Do you want a Dire Wolf or Baby Dragon for a pet? We're trying to catch them all! 
Have them by your side in battle and level them up. Don't forget to feed them!

We offer an extensive party system feature.
It allows multiple players to team up and play the game together.
Party members have several features they can use to improve cooperative game-play.

  • Party chat - allows party members to chat with each other.
  • Party teleport - allows party members to teleport to other party members.
  • Alliances - Allies will have shared party chat and PVP is disabled between them.
  • Item Sharing - Picked up items are distributed to the nearby party members.
  • EXP Sharing - Earned experience is shared with nearby party members.

A party can earn experience and level up, just like a player.
Leveling up your party is easy, every time a party member gains exp - the party gains exp.
This only occurs when other party members are nearby.

The goal is to develop an immersive experience, providing an enhanced environment for the players of our community. Not only that but we intend on providing quality game-play and content.

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